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Our philosophies. How we help you attract, grow and retain investors.

Investment decisions are as much about perceived future prospects as they are about current results. We understand this and so do the clients we works with. Our approach is storytelling that engage investors and other stakeholders with your vision for the business and your long-term strategy for getting there. A clearly communicated long-term investor brand helps you attract, grow and retain investors and capital, even in a period of underperformance.

Investor Comm's Expertise
Investor brand development
Annual Reviews & Reports (online/print)
Integrated Reports (IR) and CSR Reports
Ongoing investor communications
Investor websites
IR communications programme planning
Capital raising and market action
Annual Meeting materials and roadshow
Case studies. Stories behind the pictures.
Auckland International Airport 2019 Annual Report
Auckland International Airport 2019 Annual Report
Ravensdown 2019 Integrated Report
Ravensdown 2019 Integrated Report
Sanford 2019 Integrated Annual Report
Sanford 2019 Integrated Annual Report
NZ Post 2019 Integrated Report
NZ Post 2019 Integrated Report
Spark 2019 Annual Report
Spark 2019 Annual Report
Vector Annual Report 2018
Vector Annual Report 2018
NZ Super Fund 2019 Annual Corporate Reporting Suite
NZ Super Fund 2019 Annual Corporate Reporting Suite
Watercare 2019 Integrated Report
Watercare 2019 Integrated Report
Strategic Creative in action.
Here’s how we apply strategic creative to deliver investor communications results for our clients. All our major IR projects go through a disciplined methodology to ensure aligned thinking and design as well as incorporating the latest global thinking and best IR practice.

1. Discovery

Every job starts by understanding your business and communication challenges and your various stakeholder groups. We build this understanding through discussions with you, and undertaking research on how you are perceived by the analyst community. 

Deliverables may include:

  • Insights discovery workshops
  • Stakeholder group research
  • Perception and reputation research
  • Analyst research summaries

2. Strategy

Our thinking is always driven by audience insights. Understanding the fundamental needs that drive your various audiences groups, the positioning that will change their perceptions and behaviours; and the right messages, channels and mediums to reach them.

Deliverables may include:

  • IR Landscape multi-channel communication plan
  • Investor Branding strategy
  • Positioning advice
  • Messaging hierarchy and storytelling strategy
  • Value Creation Model advice
  • Integrated Reporting consultancy
  • Stakeholder engagement consultancy
  • Materiality assessment consultancy
  • Document structure recommendation
  • Online/offline integration recommendation

3. Expression

Taking the strategic insights, we design the visual elements to express your positioning, creating the tone and mood needed to engage audiences, deliver cut-through and drive understanding. Our expression work is always driven by a single-minded idea, reinforced in multiple ways.

Deliverables may include:

  • Design concepts
  • Storytelling territories
  • Primary and secondary story threads
  • Structure/page plan
  • Photography/imagery styles
  • Tone of voice

4. Execution

Applying the thinking and design idea allows us to design each section of the report and any online iteration of it to maximise cohesion and effectiveness. Careful design crafting takes a good idea and makes it great, giving it impact, delivering desired messages and guiding readers to the sections they’re most interested in.

Deliverables may include:

  • Annual Report
  • Integrated Report
  • Shareholder Review
  • CSR/ESG Report
  • Shareholder Mailing documents
  • ASM Materials: presentations, signage, speechwriting, videos
  • Online annual report microsite
  • Investor Relations website

5. Post-live

Our work doesn’t end when an annual report or ASM goes live. At the post-live stage, the focus is on monitoring performance, continual improvement and learning. This allows the results to be maximised and a head start for the next project to be achieved.

Deliverables may include:

  • Results review
  • Process review – both client and Insight
  • Noting learning for continuous improvement
  • Microsite effectiveness, using analytics and event tracking, SEO reporting, and ongoing site improvement
Blog Posts. Thought-leading investor communications insights.

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