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IBBY Congress website goes live and gains instant plaudits

06 Mar 2015 by Mike Tisdall

In less than 24 hours, this is the feedback received on the new IBBY Congress website that went live yesterday morning. The following is mostly from NZ so far, but some of this is from countries like Switzerland, Scandinavia and Moldova!

IBBY Congress website home page screenshot

See the site here.

Feedback re IBBY Congress website

  • Congratulations and huge thanks to Mike and his team. We simple could not be at this stage without his patience, ‘insight and creativity’. We, Storylines and IBBY Congress planners, are very fortunate to have had his expertise and willing support.
  • How absolutely wonderful, Rosemary. Thanks to Mike and you for all the work that has made it one of the most wonderful websites for a conference I think I have ever seen!
  • WOW
  • Looks absolutely great – very clear and easy to access! A HUGE well done, Mike and Team. Congratulations.
  • Fantastic Rosemary – a huge milestone! Will be sharing a lot – Just saw it (and liked it) via Frances on Facebook!
  • Just brilliant!
  • Well done to Mike and his team. Have just cruised and perused the site and it is fabulous indeed.  The look, the feel, Ben’s illustrations, the enticing content, relating both to the conference and to NZ as a destination.
  • I agree! It looks really wonderful and the initial ideas still stand up superbly well. If I was 24 hours away I would want to come! (And the NZ video has given me a great big lump in my throat … true pride! ). Thank you Rosemary, Libby and all. Thank you Mike, it is brilliant!
  • Brilliant! Congratulations to Mike and his team. Very easy to navigate and looks great
  • Looks wonderful – congrats to Mike and his team. And to Rosemary and Libby for creating such compelling content.
  • Ditto. Great job by Mike and his team and supported by the committee
  • Completely gorgeous! How could anyone resist!
  • Beautiful! Enticing, one would hope
  • Joining chorus of compliments for the website – looks fabulous, clean, user-friendly and very appealing. Well done, all folks involved – especially to Mike, who I gather has had something to do with it!
  • Thought you might like to know that it has gone out internationally. And my Facebook post has been picked up by friends in Australia and Japan so far. Amazing job, Rosemary
  • I have been exploring the website further and it is really excellent! The information is clear, comprehensive and easy to find, and the design is so clear and fresh. Yes, it is fantastic! (IBBY International President, Lucerne, Switzerland)
  • CONGRATULATIONS! On a beautiful, easy to navigate, interesting and fun congress website. (IBBY International COO, Lucerne, Switzerland)
  • The website looks fantastic. The NZ page with the 10 must see places looks great.
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