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Human interest

03 Feb 2015 by Brian Slade

You can take all the technology you like but at the end of the day the human interest angle always seems to be a key focus for us… and I think that's a good thing. This was clearly demonstrated earlier this month when the stamps we designed for New Zealand Post/Air New Zealand were released and immediately the two stamps that got the focus were the ones that had children on them and the search was on to find them now. Personally my favourite was the TEAL one, what about you?

Air NZ 75th anniversary postage stamp kids

Air NZ 75th anniversary first day cover

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Principled brand decisions

19 Feb 2019 by Steven Giannoulis
Principled brand decisions

Developing a brand strategy means making a number of significant decisions that drive multiple aspects of an organisation. Working with clients, my aim is to agree brand principles upfront that help leadership teams...

What exactly is 'brand'?

09 Oct 2018 by Mike Tisdall
What exactly is 'brand'?

It’s just one of those words, isn’t it? So open to interpretation. So dependent upon the predisposition of the listener or reader. Even after all these years in the branding and communication game, there are...

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