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How brains process logos

23 Oct 2014 by Jason O'Hara

No major revelations here but it is kind of interesting - and a good summary of the importance of colour and shape to brand recognition.

Re-posted from an infographic by Logomaker.

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Big Ideas start small

24 Jul 2017 by Mike Tisdall
Big Ideas start small

In the June issue, CEO, Steven Giannoulis, tells NZMarketing magazine that 'good design should always deliver business results for the client'. In NZMarketing's research for the prior issue of the magazine, marketers...

Getting Customers - by design

12 Oct 2015 by Steven Giannoulis
Getting Customers - by design

The September/October issue of Idealog magazine features an article by our CEO, Steven Giannoulis. It canvasses the user journey from Awareness and onto the pathway towards a sale - and the important role that design...

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