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Improve the experience
Improve the experience

A facelift for an already well-developed and content rich site was the task here, but we took the opportunity to make the site tablet and smartphone friendly and improve clarity of navigation.

Based on usability research, we redesigned the home page to be more focused on user needs, and incorporated responsive design to optimise the site for mobile devices. The Drug Information area of the site is important for mobile users, so we improved the mobile side of that too.

Responsive design enables a website to look well considered on any type of viewing device. It is built as one page that changes depending on the available screen width (rather than the device itself). This design technique also future proofs the site for future devices as there is no way of knowing what resolution next year’s mobile phone might be.

Today, the internet is in your pocket and Drug Foundation information is more powerful when it’s instantly accessible in every situation.

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