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A little mystery
builds up interest
A little mystery
builds up interest

The Wynyard story reads like an intelligence spy thriller. To attract investors we wanted to balance the complex legal requirements with a strong storytelling approach to deliver an engaging offer document.

The largely black and white colour palette, the gritty photography, a strong visual hierarchy and a hole drilled through the document all added to a sense of intrigue and mystery while constantly reinforcing Wynyard’s global role in cutting through complex information to identify threat, crime and corruption. Investors’ interest was sparked.

The Brief

Wynyard Group - specialists in intelligence-led software and solutions for protecting companies and countries from threat, crime and corruption - appointed us to design the documentation for their Initial Public Offering (IPO) of shares to raise additional capital.

IPOs are governed by significant, and very prescriptive, regulation requirement that often mean that offer documents are long, jargon-filled and legalistic. Given Wynyard was relatively unknown in the investor market our brief was to balance security law requirements with a strong storytelling approach in order to deliver a compelling and easy-to-understand offer document.

The Solution

Our approach was to use a number of visual devices to illustrate the Wynyard story.  

A hole drilled from the cover through the mandatory legal information, to a visual spread of Wynyard’s global presence, represents the analysis work they do, cutting through complex information to get to the crux of a matter. The singular black and white colour palette mimics the binary nature of data with small highlights of fluorescent colour drawing attention to a critical piece of information contained in the detail.

Strong photography brings a number of case studies to life by reinforcing that circumstances are not always what you think they are – behind an innocent everyday looking setting there could be a complex security situation at play.

The leadership team is photographed on-location to illustrate the international nature of Wynyard’s business. The real, gritty style adds to the covert-intelligence nature of the story.

A strong visual hierarchy is utilised to structure information, aligning with how Wynyard create order and clarity from complexity. Within this hierarchy a number of linking devices, such as linear lines and elongated em dashes, represent the possible causal relationship between information, people and events.  

This strong visual story-telling approach extended from the printed document to a dedicated microsite.

The Results

The IPO was successful in reaching its investment targets. There has been strong interest in the IPO and good market feedback on both the design and clarity of the communications. The client is delighted by the end result and how well it represents them and their story. They have indicated that they intend to update their brand guidelines to incorporate elements of our design.

Silver: 2013 Best Awards