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Appeal to the heart,
then the head
Appeal to the heart,
then the head

The Stand story is one that needs to be told loudly. It's about the wellbeing of New Zealand's less privileged children.

This annual stakeholder report was the first since we rebranded Children's Health Camps to Stand Children's Services. Using the new brand's bold colour, strong emotive imagery and thought provoking language, we appealed to our audience's rational and emotional senses.

The Brief

Stand Children’s Services transform the lives of young people (aged 5-12) who are at significant risk of harm to their wellbeing as a consequence of the environment in which they are being raised and their own complex needs.

Stand asked us to create an Annual Report aimed at government funders, sponsors and peers. The objective was to illustrate the issues children face; Stand’s approach to providing their services; to positively reflect their new visual identity; and to reflect the theme of ‘leading with the heart.’

Creative Thinking & Concept

Stand’s visual identity is one of bold colour, strong imagery and thought provoking language. Our thinking was to use these tools to appeal to our audience’s rational and emotional senses by presenting both the hard facts at the heart of the issue alongside the personal impact these issues have on individual children.

The design concept was built around the idea of an accelerated heartbeat bought on by the extreme stress and trauma in children’s lives. Multiple elevated heartbeats are graphically used across the initial spreads, leading readers to one point - the statistics and size of the issue Stand is facing.

We use colour as a metaphor for the journey Stand takes children on – from darkness to light. This time we also used imagery to represent the transformational nature of Stand’s work. Imagery evolves from the reflective to the upbeat and then to heart felt reflections from children, social workers and teachers on the difference Stand has made in the lives of children.

Clear language aids the reader to navigate the text while break out sound bite messages are used to positively reinforce the key messages. 


As Stand is a charity, we settled on an efficient ‘pocket’ sized format allowing it to be more accessible to audiences, stand out from the more ‘corporate’ A4 format and to act as a companion document to Stand’s existing profile. To emphasise the individual, yet common, issues many children face two spreads are dedicated to personal experiences. These are graphically executed in an array of visual ways to mirror their individuality.

The bold pink cover has an engaging ‘disruptive’ feel for audiences. Throughout the report bold colour and textures are used to reinforce the visual identity palette.

The Result

The detailed striking graphics, sobering statistics and positive call to action has resonated strongly with audiences. This Annual Report is the latest in a line of design communications that have elevated Stand to the leader in their field, allowing them to raise funds to increase their services and facilities nationwide.  Ultimately, it has helped deliver the best result possible – the transformation of more children’s lives.

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