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From pain to promise
From pain to promise

A children's story book format annual stakeholder report that takes you on quite a journey.

New Zealand's most vulnerable in society deserve our attention and organisations that can produce transformational results. Children's Health Camps Te Puna Whaiora do exactly that.

The Brief

In an increasingly competitive service environment, this stakholder report needed to clearly convey what Children's Health Camps Te Puna Whaiora do as an organisation as a whole and how they can offer transformational changes for at risk children and families. Part of the challenge was also to deliver quantitative data that would be easily understandable and financials that can be read as well as enjoyed.

The Solution

A children's story book format was designed to break down historical mental models of what the Health Camps do and help relieve disempowering stigmas about the organisation. The pictures of children, the colours, and the illustrations gave the organisation a distinctive and accessible feel that was upbeat yet direct. A typographic style was explored, alongside the colour that lightens and warms as you progress through the pages. The thread of fantasy and fact combined to allow the reader to positively flow between escapism and reality. Harsh details are delivered in a palatable manner for all audiences: victims, advocates and to any audience, particularly those of the children's families. It needed to act as a profiling document so it became a tool to get Health Camp stories and goals across. Leaving the audiences with something tangible to remind them of who Children Health Camps serve. Several referral agents have commented that Children's Health Camps annual reports are so much fun, for such a serious report, when theirs are “so dry”!

Bronze: 2012 Best Awards

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