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Rebuilding children’s lives
Rebuilding children’s lives

Stand Children’s Services passionately helped more than 3,800 children feel safe in 2014/15. 

But more needs to be done. This year’s annual stakeholder report is a galvanising rally cry to government, whanau and individuals, to Stand Up and work together to support children and their families.


The Stand Annual Report always looks to do more than just meet its financial reporting obligations, acting as a strong advocacy piece for the sector, the organisation and the children and families they work with.

In a climate of unprecedented demands, challenges and stress, Stand helped more than 3,800 children feel safe in 2014/15. On the surface, this year’s report needed to celebrate the year’s many achievements by highlighting Stand’s direction, working methods and results. Underneath, there was a strong desire to spotlight the fragmented nature of the child services community, illustrating how lack of cohesion impacts their ability to deliver more for our most vulnerable children.

The Solution

Our idea was to build on the momentum of last year with a strong call to arms. A galvanising rally cry to government, the sector, whanau and to individuals, asking them to Stand Up and work together to support children and their families. It speaks boldly, and with passion, of the need for change to enable more to be accomplished. At the same time, it champions staff and the work they do every day to protect children from further trauma, guiding them towards recovery and wellbeing.

Fragmentation is illustrated in a deconstructed typographic treatment that boldly forms the complete Stand Up message in the CEO section. This visual metaphor also reflects Stand’s work in rebuilding children’s lives. The photographic narrative evolves from introverted isolation to groups of children working together, with staff supporting, to overcome challenges like the cover’s Shag Rock. This further reflects Stand’s work and the need for teamwork across the sector. 

The results achieved are displayed alongside affirming positioning messages aligned to the overall creative idea. Financial results also feature a series of textural graphics that further support the key messaging. Collectively they tell a strong story of delivered outcomes, offset by a sense that we should, and could, do more. 

The 'Stand Up’ spot overgloss on the cover represents the lone individual voice that can so easily be lost. It’s designed to counter the scale of the ‘We Must Stand Up’ cry of the Chairman’s and CEO’s report.

The Results

The impact of this report is captured by one sector CEO’s response: “It is all said with courage and with beauty. I got so engrossed I forgot all the clutter in our sector and remembered what is most important – reaching out with purpose.”

Silver: 2016 International ARC Awards

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