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Emphasising the tidal shift
Emphasising the tidal shift

In a competitive funding environment and facing a wider public need, Stand Children Services needed to highlight cause and impact of the social problems they addressed as well as report on the results they’ve achieved.

Emotion and reason partner to tell the complete story in this annual stakeholder report, conveying both the renewal the organisation has been through and the replenishment and refreshment their actions provide.

The Brief

Stand Children’s Services, Tu Mai Whanua, like all charitable organisations in this sector, face increasing pressure to not only operate in a highly competitive funding environment but to also focus their efforts to a wider and more inclusive set of parameters. So the brief was to not only report on the end results of Stand’s specialist service but also to highlight the main cause and its impacts.

The role of the document was to be two-fold:

  1. as a reporting document and,
  2. as a positioning and marketing tool with their key audiences: funders (government agencies), staff and other key partner organisations.

The Solution 

The key message of ‘renew’ drives two themes: Firstly, speaking to the organisational changes that they have been through, with a commitment to the need for change to position themselves as the leaders in the field of Child and Whanau restoration.

Secondly ‘Wave upon wave of evidence tells us that one of the most crucial ways of changing the end result is to address the main cause - child poverty.’  New Zealand’s children and the issue they face need to be approached in a new and fresh way. Stand support this renewed approach to dealing with the issues. The imagery of the ocean reflects the ongoing replenishing and tidal shift required. As each wave rolls in there is a sense of a renewing action and the replenishment of children and families, refreshing and refocusing.

Hand drawn typography was created to illustrate the combined services required, working together and interlinked. It also visually embodies the ‘wave upon wave’ tidal action. Momentum was signaled with directional triangular graphics, boldly used to create a disruptive visual note, signaling that as the waves come in, it may not be comfortable but needs to be given focus.

Photography of children, predominantly in introvert gazes, occupy spreads that wrap to tell a narrative of isolation but not of hopelessness. In bright-subdued tones, hope is found by following the coloured arrows through the document to a couple of key message points where a group of young children are renewed.

The Results

Quote from the client: ”It’s fabulously beautiful, very classy, sophisticated and grown up!” Feedback from key audiences suggests the design delivered strong cut through for the powerful messages that underline this work.

Selected: Graphis Annual Reports 2014 - 2016

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