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Igniting the Spark
Client: Spark
Igniting the Spark
Client: Spark

The 2014 Annual Report was one of the first pieces of externally facing communication to express the essence of the new Spark brand.

It needed to be a strong expression of the new brand and a bold stake in the ground for Spark.

The Brief

There was general public awareness about the rebrand from Telecom to Spark, but not many visible touchpoints at the time. The report needed to communicate what the new brand stood for; explain why it was changing; reassure existing and new investors that the rebrand and future direction was well informed and well planned and that rebranding was an essential element of the long-term strategy. Along with the brand story, it needed to express that Spark is well placed to deliver returns in a changing environment, as people’s reliance and expectation on technology is ever increasing.

The Solution

To best express the new brand to an investor audience, we developed a direct approach to messaging, unveiling a compelling story clearly and with confidence. ‘Spark starts here’ on the cover leads into the first five spreads featuring strong visuals with copy that explains how the brand change will make the business better, customers happier and help New Zealand, and New Zealander’s, reach their full potential.

The document was intentionally a different size from previous A4 reports to help signal the change.

The pace of the document then changes to a more reporting based format, with strong use of the brighter colour palette on the key results spread to create impact. Black & white board of directors and executive team photography was used to better speak to the corporate brand, which uses black and silver as the core colours.

The Results

The assured approach led the reader confidently though the brand change and company strategy to clear business and financial reporting. The document proved successful with investors, employees, and the wider business audience. The Spark team used a shorter version of the report, focusing on the key brand story pages and business unit reporting, for internal and external audiences as well as an efficient document for telling the brand story.

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