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Determined to strengthen New Zealand’s digital future
Client: Spark
Determined to strengthen New Zealand’s digital future
Client: Spark

Two years on from a breakthrough brand change, Spark has a clear philosophy and sense of purpose.

The annual report is the ideal place to bring all their activities together where stakeholders can see the synergies and consistency of drive.

The Brief

The digital landscape changes fast. But Spark’s mission is to change even faster – to actively accelerate its products and services to enable New Zealanders and businesses to unleash the country’s potential. It’s this authentic determination to make New Zealand a better place that marks Spark as a pretty special corporate. And it’s this strong sense of ‘shared value’ that provides a win-win: for their customers, staff, New Zealand, and ultimately, Spark itself.

So how to effectively communicate all this?

The Solution

First, by presenting this holistic view strongly and confidently. Second, by breaking it down into tangibles: the six specific areas of investment that, together, should pay the appropriate shared value dividends. And finally, by acknowledging the gaps in delivery that hinder achievement of the exciting goals.

The creative messaging platform that was developed to carry the various threads of the message was ‘Active’, expressed as ‘Determined to be an active agent for New Zealand’. Strong use of typography, colour and photography was harnessed to bring this message alive with vigour and clarity.

The Results

The report sits comfortably alongside the previous two Spark-branded reports in form and visual cues, but more crisply communicates a strong vision, purpose and philosophical approach, with considerable transparency around the changes and skillsets being added to the team to enable this shift to happen.

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