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The scale of Scales
The scale of Scales

Scales Corporation might have been around for 100 years, but being new to the stock market and not being a B2C business means that you have to work hard to help people understand what you do.

Being the country’s largest grower and exporter of apples tends to disguise the fact that Scales operates a diverse combination of agri-businesses with exposure to all key primary sectors with clever vertical integration.

What is surprising for new observers is the size of the operation and the diversity of its touchpoints. The annual report is a prime vehicle for ensuring the business is better understood.

The Brief 

Scales has been a trusted partner of major New Zealand and global food businesses for over 100 years. They operate a diverse combination of agri-businesses with exposure to all key primary sectors through horticulture, food ingredients and storage/logistics.

The Scales companies interact with each other and provide produce, storage and logistics for other major food producing brands, such as Fonterra, Watties and McCains. With a number of businesses under their belt, they are a large business operating successfully in a growth industry across key global markets. Reflecting their position, scale and business breadth to key stakeholders was the essence of our Annual Report brief.

The Solution 

We proposed a big visual concept that played on the ‘scale of Scales’ and underpinned the key messaging about the company’s size and positioning in the market.

Aerial photography was used to give a sense of scope and size, reflecting confidence and a self-assured client. A series of large-scale photography spreads punctuate key features and highlights for the company.

Smaller scale imagery was added, with interesting and dynamic perspectives in mind, to reflect the diverse scope of the business. This is further reinforced by an eclectic mix of raw ingredients, illustrating the more surprising food products they deal in help to break away from narrow perceived stereotypes.

Typography and minimised graphic elements add to a confident aesthetic.

The Results 

The bold approach to photography, colour palette and typography, supported by strong confident messaging, has visually redefined audience perspectives of who Scales are. Feedback from the client is that that the Annual Report has been well received and has positioned them well with key stakeholders, for their future strategic goals.

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