An industrial strength website.

Client: Property for Industry.

As part of the staged rollout of the new Property for Industry brand, a completely re-considered website was created. 

The website provided the opportunity to create strong differentiation within the listed property industry while accurately reflecting the redefined ‘straight up’ brand essence of the company.

We applied a rigorous User Journey discipline to the site architecture, providing easy pathways to the clearly defined audience groups. And video plays an important role in the site, raising engagement levels and providing greater insight into the authentic personality of the company.

The Investor pathway introduces a dashboard for access to the information that investors seek most often, including latest share price, results and announcements, and an additional drop down menu for access to the more archival records on the site. One strong feature of the investor site is a video message from the Managing Director explaining the company’s investment thesis.

On the other side of the site, the Tenant pathway uses video to explain why PFI are the best choice of industrial landlord with direct links to what matters to prospective tenants: the property portfolio – with available properties weighted to prominence.

A complex and comprehensive database sits behind the site and feeds data, appropriate to the specific user journey, to various spots on the applicable side of the site.

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