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Stories need clear
space to shine
Stories need clear
space to shine

During 2012, ANZO renamed themselves Precinct Properties and introduced a fresh visual identity. Our brief was ensuring shareholders continued to apply the confidence and trust they had in ANZO to Precinct by highlighting their brand journey.

We split the document into two distinct sections. The front half used photography, infographics and other visual devices to express a strong pictorial story of who they are and where they’ve come from. The back-half played a more traditional annual reporting role, telling a story through the financial accounts, while still reinforcing the core Precinct story.

The Brief

In the 15 years since AMP NZ Office (ANZO) begun operating, there has been a significant change in the way they approach their business. Their brand philosophy has evolved from managing buildings to creating office environments that allow their tenants (clients) to thrive and grow. In 2012, they undertook a re-brand exercise to better express this brand essence, re-naming themselves Precinct Properties and introducing a fresh visual identity.

The annual report was the first significant publication since the re-brand and needed to work as both a statutory document and as a corporate profile for launching the brand. Our brief was ensuring shareholders continued to apply the confidence and trust they had in ANZO to Precinct by highlight the brand journey and how decisions made in the past have allowed them to become who they are today. 

The Solution

To give the brand story clear space, we made the decision to split the document into two very distinct parts.  

The front end – with shortened pages – told the ‘We are Precinct. We create spaces to thrive’ brand story in a bold and visual way. The photography was deliberately different to other property company annual reports, focusing away from the buildings themselves, in favour of people interacting in the spaces. Key words and phrases were emphasised using graphic elements from the new identity and the brand mark as an ownership device. Infographics were used to depict their journey and to connect milestones and facts to their growth. This design approach mirrors Precinct’s brand attributes, with a strong sense of energy and movement and a clear focus on people.

The back half applied many of the same elements but in a more traditional annual reporting context. A key feature of this section is the architectural schematics of the property portfolio.  By using this approach, rather than showing property photos, we further emphasised the supporting role the buildings now play in the Precinct story.

The Result

Feedback from the team at Precinct, as expressed by their tenants and shareholders, has been overwhelmingly positively. The Annual Report is the centrepiece of their rebrand and has helped reinforce their positioning in the minds of their core audiences. It has also helped galvanise their staff, by giving them a strong visual representation of what they do, the difference they make to their clients and affirming the direction of the business.

We also show the 2013 Report here, indicating continuity of the core Investor Brand while evolving to communicate the current stories.