Stay ahead of the game.

Client: NZ Drug Foundation.

Matters of Substance has been, and still is, regarded as one of the leading publications in its sector on fact based Drug and Alcohol information.

While ‘it ain’t broke and didn’t necessarily need fixing’, it has had a very consistent look and feel for the past 5 years. We undertook to refresh the design to keep the magazine ahead of the pack and continue to lead the way in its sector.

Rather than undertake a complete overhaul of what is already a popular and successful magazine, we looked at refining the design in a few key areas but always kept in mind the ultimate goal that it need to remain authoritative.

Certain areas like the NZ and World News spreads were updated to be more graphical and a wider use or infographics was introduced throughout to help support the copy with more than photography.

Overall the intended response was achieved: we didn’t alienate the existing readership but have kept them engaged by maintaining a sense of familiarity, with a few extra features to keep it fresh.

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