Consistency through application.

Client: Mighty River Power.

In 2012/13 we worked with Mighty River Power to develop their brand positioning and visual identity in order to tell an integrated story - from generation to supply – tailored to the needs of corporate, community and internal audiences. To ensure the consistent application of the brand, detailed guidelines were developed.

We recommended the guidelines be created as an updateable website to ensure they catered for a living brand with an evolving visual identity. An on-line portal was developed, securely accessible by internal staff and external suppliers, that detailed the brand story and architecture as well as the visual identity, explaining how to apply the brand assets such as the logo, fonts, colours, icons, illustrations and graphics.

These e-guidelines also expressed how to apply the brand elements to communicate consistently and effectively to the various types of audience: corporate, community and internal. And as new applications are completed, they can be added to the site to help guide the consistent application of future executions of the brand.


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