A place to visit
in your imagination.

Client: Pew/Kermadecs.

Pew asked us to make the invisible visible, the unimaginable imaginable, in order to raise awareness of the Kermadecs.

Our idea was to create a communication programme that brought to attention the beauty of the Kermadecs and the need to preserve it. Our creative inspiration was the depth of the Kermadec Trench.

One of the most powerful spaces in which to capture the wonder and story of the Kermadecs was online. Initially the website was set up to accommodate a Symposium, outlining the programme and speakers and once the Symposium was finished, to broadcast the filmed talks and photos from the event. Immediately following the Symposium we worked on getting the complete site live.

Our aim was to communicate as much as we could about the extraordinary nature of the Kermadecs and its biodiversity.

On arriving at the website, the visitor is taken on an exploratory journey through the flora and fauna, from sky to depths, of the Kermadecs. Salient facts are pulled out, and we have enhanced the idea of exploration by giving the visuals a keyline reminiscent of a telescope. Site visitors have the sense that they are experiencing life above and below the water. All the copy on the site is written specifically for the web, further crafting the effect.

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