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Launch with feeling
Launch with feeling

Insight financially supports our client Stand Children’s Services, and we developed a Christmas video message to be shared with all our collective contacts. A message that captured the opportunity for children but also let us reveal a few of our own creative talents in support of Stand.

Stand were so enamoured of the video we produced for ourselves, that it became an integral part of their new name and brand launch at Parliament Buildings.

The video was shot with three SLR cameras, the children were fabulous raw talent wrangled from our own team, and the set was a large open floor space downstairs from our office. The process went quickly, the children fitted in wonderfully. They managed to approach the event with both a degree of self-discipline and unrestrained splashing of paint – most commendable. Many people that received the creative reflected on being quickly captivated and that the sentiment was clear, delivering a message that children do deserve huge opportunities.

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