Building on a strong foundation.

Client: Housing New Zealand.

Social housing is an essential service and a cornerstone of helping New Zealander's in a time of real need.

In 2005 Housing New Zealand celebrated 100 years of state housing by running an integrated competition to develop a blue print for the future of their housing stock. We were invited to help develop the communications material for the competition which lead to an ongoing relationship. Our collaboration on design projects has extended over the years to include the creative development for their visual-identity, internal communications, investor relations, and marketing communications.

The social housing market reforms that occurred in late 2013 opened up the market to a greater diversity of social housing providers, this saw Housing New Zealand's proposition for the future continue to strengthen. It's values based, and focuses on great outcomes for people in their time of housing need. Their communications collateral has evolved over time, with new items being developed as required.

Today Housing New Zealand's communications material reflects a strong service focused organisation that is responsible for matching people to homes, maintaining healthy homes and continually improving the housing stock. A segmented messaging approach ensures the spoken and written word reflects the visual language stretch.

This more engaging viewpoint from the customer's perception ensures everyone is addressed in a clear, respectful and understanding manner within the context of the provision of quality social housing.

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