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Clear and specific focus
Clear and specific focus

In 2016 Fletcher Building approached their shareholder communication with a clear and specific focus on their customer.

We worked with Fletcher Building to creatively interpret this focus, which not only positioned Fletcher Building as a customer-focused business, but as a company whose myriad of people were their customers too - shopping in their stores, buying their products, travelling on their roads and bridges, living and working in their buildings and relying on their infrastructure.
Understanding that there is no better way to know and understand your customer than to be your customer, we developed the creative platform “Working with you”. This theme was more obviously personalised  through the repetition of the words “and you” in the opening spreads. 
With a strong focus on Fletcher Building people - within each division and within the community - the visual approach provided a collective and integrated view of the organisation through the use of montage photography. A bespoke illustration shows the customer's view of the Fletcher business, with each division shown as an individual sector as well as an integral part of the Fletcher Building ecosystem.
The result was a cohesive suite of materials presenting a strong and clear message that Fletcher Building is a customer led business with 20,000+ people just like you. And you. And you. And you.

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