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Reflecting real change
Reflecting real change

Fletcher Building wanted more engaging shareholder communication, clearer story-telling and a much improved project management process. 

We created a package of offline and online components for their annual reporting period that spoke intelligently to different audience groups while performing as a coherent suite.

A complex organisation can often result in murky information flow. It takes a disciplined process of distillation to clarify the optimum structure for effective communication, and then a strong story-telling clarity to identify what and how that information is conveyed in a highly engaging manner.

The Brief

Fletcher Building is best known for the large projects they undertake such as tunnels, stadiums, landmark buildings and major nationwide roading networks. But this doesn’t even begin to capture the scale and diversity of what the group does - from its 19,000 employees, to the over 50 businesses, right through to the hundreds of both public and private projects in over 40 countries.

Our brief was to use the annual reporting programme to showcase the breadth of the Fletcher Building group and the value they deliver.

The Solution

Our thinking was based around a central ‘we make’ idea to showcase end-to-end operations from the initial small grains of sand, to creating products and services, to distribution, right through to the delivery of major building projects that shape communities and help economies grow.

Adapting an internal building better, together values campaign, we used this as the platform to give the people of Fletcher Building a voice to talk about the many projects, business activities and divisions.

Our selected execution was a unique annual review document with a smaller book, wrapping the larger A4 document. The smaller book gives prominence to Fletcher Building's people, with employee portraits representing different business divisions (the makers) as well as projects or operations (the made).

The annual review document uses strong, confident design to present the business divisions clearly, with varied imagery allowing a changing pace throughout the document. People stories bring a human element to the many projects and activities, allowing them to seem more accessible. A companion online annual review uses video of the feature portraits from the smaller book, further bringing the overall concept to life.

To give more room to the story-telling components, we housed the detailed financial reporting in a separate annual report document and accompanied it with an A3 tabloid-styled snapshot of key results.

The Results

The annual report has been hugely successful in helping audiences make the connection across the various businesses and activities that make up the Fletcher Building group. This resulted in good feedback from both investors and market analysts. And as we know, share prices are influenced by sentiment, so positive feedback is always a welcome outcome. Just as importantly, the document has been embraced by the internal team as a celebration of the business and the people who work there.

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