Making a positive connection.

Client: Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority.

Whether residents, visitors, tenants, employees or employers the Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) sees the community as integral to the success of the rebuild of the Christchurch CBD. They also understand that it is essential to keep the community connected with the CBD.

To instill the belief that the rebuild is really happening now, CCDU asked us to develop a campaign that informed and excited the community about the upcoming projects like the Metro Sport Facility, the Christchurch City Bus Interchange, the Avon River Precinct and the Margaret Mahy Family playground.

Given the progress made on these projects, we took a more celebratory approach, creatively expressed via a humorous illustrative style and a dominant word or phrase. The campaign manifested itself on buses, billboards, bus-shelters, airport carousels and on the hoardings surrounding each of the projects. Collectively, the solution grabbed people's attention by making progress real, positive and fun.

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