Catering to a niche.

Client: Bounty Street Catering.

Bounty Street is a Christchurch start up catering service with a passion for fresh, honest food that nourishes the soul.

In a crowded market the positioning had to be carefully considered. If the measure of success is working seven days a week then Bounty Street has it in abundance.

The Brief 

Bounty Street is a start up catering service with a passion for fresh, honest food that nourishes the soul, always beautifully presented. This boutique approach appeals to both corporates and private clients looking for something special for their event. The client picked the name (as she is based in Bounty Street, Christchurch) and asked us to develop a supporting identity.

The Solution

We started with bountiful - rich in flavour, quantity and natural goodness. Through a series of client discussions, we defined the remaining brand qualities as: sophistication; quality (good ingredients, great taste); artistic (innovative flavours, creatively presented); and contemporary. 

The positioning was important. We explored different directions that worked with the concept of bountiful. An artisan quality crafted territory sat most comfortably and we added the kiwi twist of ‘choice catering’.

A hand crafted logotype was core to the artisan nature of the brand. It can easily be reproduced across multiple substrates using stamps, reflecting the rustic and hand made qualities of the food. We also introduced a monogram element, a shorthand device that creates a heritage and established feel to the identity.

Textures were used as a backdrop to contemporary graphic shapes that spoke of the crafted qualities of the food. Detailed photography was staged utilising high key lighting to give a hyper real intensity to the food - making it even more tempting and delicious. Colour wise, it’s nature oriented including a rich red as the primary colour. Illustrative elements added to the overall creative flair.

Each aspect of the visual identity had to work incredibly hard to create a feel of home made luxury while being economic and practical for the client to produce herself. Combining the identity elements, we designed a website, a menu, labels and aprons plus a series of stamps which could be used to brand serviettes, packaging and service containers.

The Results 

If the measure of success is working seven days a week then Bounty Street has it in abundance. Corporates are loving the food and Bounty St is catering everything from farewell morning teas, power-lunches and after work functions. Weekends are about private parties ranging from kids’ birthdays right through to weddings. Attendees are spreading the word and often becoming the next client.

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