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Engage on many levels, across many channels
Engage on many levels, across many channels

Auckland International Airport is recognised for their effective and creative annual report documents. We've introduced a different approach which recognise the significant digital shift.

As evidence of the tipping point to online, their brief to us was to start with an online review that worked on desktop and iPad and then develop the printed and electronic communications to support.

We responded with a continuous online story that allows visitors to ‘swipe’ down to get more of a story or across to get the next chapter. Enhanced by pull out sections including videos in some years, this approach told AIA’s story in an engaging way while still allowing audiences to easily navigate across the site to get to the information they needed.

We also use a number of other communication channels to ensure all audiences are reached. The overall look and feel is carried through to a printed annual report, notice of meeting and a series of electronic newsletters. In all cases, audiences are encouraged to the site for more information and a richer experience.

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