Transforming a precinct.

Client: Auckland International Airport.

Auckland Airport’s 30-year vision to build an airport of the future really took strides in 2019. A major milestone was delivered, while plenty of other significant projects are visibly progressing at pace. 

Our communication task was to place the visible into the perspective of what is yet to come.

The Brief

With a multi-year, multi-project transformational programme such as this, where around 55,000 passengers per day still need to travel seamlessly in the midst of incessant building and physical change, it helps all concerned if the context is clear and the promise is seen as well worth the disruption.

And three years into the programme, the story must evolve and celebrate progress while still telling the big story – again.

Assuring readers that such a major undertaking was tracking to plan, while business-as-usual activities were adhering to long-term strategy, were the major objectives for this report.

The Solution 

Previous reports had set up a useful construct of informing readers of what had been delivered, what was currently under construction, and what was in the planning stages. Consistency helps the reader gauge honest progress and so this structure was continued. For greater clarity we simplified the core story down to the eight anchor projects while also making sure that other significant projects were reported on.

The continuing core business was also described in depth, again in a format consistent with previous years for reader clarity and comparability. 

Visually, the report complied with a brand evolution which gave us a more constrained colour palette and some new graphic devices to work with. Otherwise, once again we strived for consistency and familiarity to provide reassurance of a sound plan being delivered over time.

The delivery included a seamless online iteration.

The Results

The careful crafting of the story, combined with highly informative graphics and project photography, resulted in a report which ticked all the right boxes for Auckland Airport.



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