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Web Design trends for 2013

07 Feb 2013 by Mike Tisdall

Here’s an interesting and easily skimmable article on where web design is heading. Some ‘design’ stuff and a wee bit of more technical stuff, I reckon there’s something relevant in here for anybody looking at reviewing their online presence this year.

Such things as:

  • Mobile First Design
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Whitespace & Minimalism
  • Natural Design Elements
  • Big Photography
  • Cleaner Source Code
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Giving a little back

08 May 2017 by Brian Slade
Giving a little back

Time’s precious right? So getting the ‘opportunity’ to be part of Massey’s CoCA (College of Creative Arts) image and identity class yesterday was both a thrill and a challenge, in amongst meetings,...

The future of learning

13 Nov 2018 by Jeremy Sweetman
The future of learning

On a recent visit to Melbourne, I was privileged enough to visit  Wooranna Park Primary  in Dandenong. Privileged!? A visit to a primary school isn’t typically wrapped with the word ‘privileged’ –...

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