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Web apps vs native apps

14 Mar 2014 by Mike Tisdall

For those interested in the debate around whether native or web apps are the best approach, this article is very interesting. It argues in favour of web apps, but gives good insights on strengths and weaknesses of each. Worth a read.

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It's international women's day . . .

08 Mar 2017 by Mike Tisdall
It's international women's day . . .

. . . and we enjoy the talent of a wonderfully diverse - and international - group of women.   ...

Trends in Annual Reporting

06 May 2016 by Mike Tisdall
Trends in Annual Reporting

We often get asked by our clients about what the trends are in annual reporting. Sometimes I wonder why, because most actually stay on their conservative paths. But some brave few follow through and strive to find...

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