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Insight judges the TVNZ Marketing Awards

18 Jun 2015 by Mike Tisdall

CEO, Steven Giannoulis, has been selected as a judge of the prestigious TVNZ Marketing Awards for 2015.

He says: "Entries have to describe the business strategy and objectives, the marketing strategy and all the tactics they put in place. They have to document the insights/research which lead to the campaign approach. And they need to supply tangible results against targets – sales charts, brand awareness monitor scores, click-thru data etc. Judges are not provided the creative outputs (and we are encouraged not to refer to them) to stop us judging the quality of a campaign on how much we like the visual execution.

"There’s some amazing work and some incredible thinking which I have found very inspiring.

"Two key learnings:  (1) A well written entry makes all the difference – there were some amazing entries but they just didn’t sell what made them great campaigns. I have over 50 campaigns to judge, so don’t make me have to work hard to find out what you did and if it was any good; and (2) They need to have a very clear and direct connection between the business challenge, the insights into the audience, the marketing/comms strategy, the key messages, the channels selected and the big campaign idea.

"Votes are in and I have a full day next Thursday to review the finalists and hand out the ribbons! I feel like an X-Factor judge."

 Steven Giannoulis

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