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A buyers guide to our national flag

22 Oct 2015 by Dan Collins
5 NZ flag design finalists
Recently it feels as if the flag debate has taken a chill pill and decided to calm down for a wee while. In this calm there has been an interesting article written called ‘ A buyers guide to flag design’
This article takes the 5 criteria for flag design that the Designers Institute of New Zealand provided for the flag design process and tries to rate them as objectively as possible.
Check it out here.
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How much is design worth to the NZ economy?

02 Aug 2017 by Mike Tisdall
How much is design worth to the NZ economy?

A new study by PWC released last week calculates design's economic contribution to New Zealand is $10.1 billion - yes, that's BILLION. Approximately 4.2 % of the country's total GDP. The research reveals that if...

Both sides now

20 Mar 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Both sides now

The following article by Insight CEO, Steven Giannoulis, was published in the March 2018 issue of NZMarketing magazine. Client-agency partnerships are often love/hate relationships that leave both sides delighted...

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