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All fonts look the same

30 Oct 2018 by Trent Kokich
All fonts look the same exhibition opening

All fonts look the same is an Exhibition of 260 fonts, celebrating uniquely restricted shapes with an almost endless amount of variation. On October 12th 2018, my group exhibition had its opening night at 45...

Flying high

25 Oct 2018 by Mike Tisdall
Insight Creative's Holly Fenlon in Airways Auckland Airport control tower

Taking a deep dive into understanding our client’s businesses is always one of the most fascinating part of our jobs. Last Thursday Gabe and Holly were lucky enough to spend the morning with our lovely clients at...

Meet Sarah

11 Sep 2018 by Brian Slade
Meet Sarah

A new design face at Insight, here's a sneak peek into Sarah Turner's creativity and innovation. Sarah has only been with Insight for a short time but has made an immediate impact. All very positive too: she's a...

A day in the life of your truly amazing Account Director

14 Dec 2017 by Monique Peters
A day in the life of your truly amazing Account Director

I want to share my thoughts about the wonderful world of Account Management. I will admit it has taken me some time to work out what to write, mainly because there are so many parts to our roles in the Account/Project...

The Masters of success

19 Sep 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
Business goal tensions

I’ve been CEO of Insight Creative for nearly three years now. It’s more than a job I love. It’s an all-consuming passion that drives me to want to do more and to do it better. I give it everything and it gives...

Airways appoints Insight Creative as their design agency

12 Jun 2017 by Mike Tisdall
Air traffic control illustration

We're excited to have been appointed as Airways Corporation's design & digital agency after a rigorous competitive pitch. Airways controls all domestic and international air traffic across 30 million square...

Designing client agencies

23 May 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
Designing client agencies

As a senior corporate marketer I worked with numerous design and advertising agencies before moving to the agency dark-side. I remember sitting through a number of creative pitches wondering “how will this...

The engagement game

19 Apr 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
The engagement game

We regularly work with clients on internal communications projects, helping them engage their staff, drive behaviour and performance, embed change and continuous improvement programmes and align their internal...

Thank you for being late (Thomas L. Friedman)

04 Apr 2017 by Paul Saris

I don’t like arriving late but what if, as Mr Friedman suggests in his book, it can create value.  Being late, early in the process, can create time to reflect and, above all, clarity. Clarity we so often...

When you can’t change the direction of the wind — adjust your sails (H Jackson Brown Jr)

28 Mar 2017 by Paul Saris
Adjusting sails

  A little over 20 years ago I became a father of two pretty fabulous daughters. Every year, most days I got to figure out how to be a father. Books don’t tell you everything there is to know. My own parents...

Victory comes from finding opportunities in problems. (Sun Tzu)

22 Mar 2017 by Paul Saris
High five

Some years ago, as I gradually moved into a client service role, my biggest anxiety became the fear of failing our clients and letting down the people I represent. Worried to be found out, to be not quite good...

Giving a little back

08 May 2017 by Brian Slade
Brian Slade assessing student work at CoCA

Time’s precious right? So getting the ‘opportunity’ to be part of Massey’s CoCA (College of Creative Arts) image and identity class yesterday was both a thrill and a challenge, in amongst meetings,...

That Like feeling

23 Mar 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
cartoon of clockwork men

  Lately I’ve been recruiting for a New Business person and I had an experience with one candidate that made me think about the importance of brand feelings. Yes, feelings. Brace yourself, I am going to talk...

You have to think anyway, so why not think big? (Trump)

14 Mar 2017 by Paul Saris
Large brain being moved by tiny people

When I was a kid my dad told me that I don’t think. It made me very sad that he thought of me that way. Only much later in life did I work out that we were simply seeing and processing things differently and not...

It's international women's day . . .

08 Mar 2017 by Mike Tisdall
Insight's female contingent

. . . and we enjoy the talent of a wonderfully diverse - and international - group of women.   ...

I want to understand you, I study your obscure language (Alexander Pushkin)

21 Feb 2017 by Paul Saris
Languages and understanding

I think it’s about time that I say thanks to all of you who patiently endure my use of the English language.  Using good English but not quite right has had some entertaining effects on people. ‘How goes...

Pause all of life's chaos

19 Dec 2014 by Steven Giannoulis
Life is Hectic, Pause video

It’s the end of a very full on year for us and our clients, so we wanted to create something which championed the idea of temporarily pausing our hectic lives in order to truly appreciate life’s beauty. We...

Insight announces new CEO

24 Nov 2014 by Mike Tisdall
Steven Giannoulis

Steven Giannoulis has been appointed CEO of Insight from 1 December 2014. Steven is currently Strategic Development Director. Steven has been with Insight since 2011 but his association with the company, as a...

Insight maintains its carbon neutrality

08 Oct 2014 by Mike Tisdall
Insight maintains its carbon neutrality

We have just received our annual Greenhouse Gas Assessment for the financial year ended 31 March 2014 from our auditors, Pangolin & Associates, and have purchased the carbon credits required to ensure we remain a...


28 May 2014 by David Bedggood
David Bedggood's Lunar font

In the same way that you can never have too many bicycles, you can never have too many typefaces. So I made another one. currently available here and on myfonts in coming weeks.  ...

What is the egg all about?

27 Feb 2014 by Jason O'Hara
Jason's egg

OK so the giant box marked “Fragile Egg” that was sitting at reception was raising lots of questions in the Welly office so here is the broadcast explanation: I was approached (along with a bunch of other artists)...