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The ideas path

18 Sep 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Lighted pathway

I’ve always been an ideas guy. I feel comfortable looking at a problem or an opportunity and then generating lots of ideas about how to tackle it in a creative way. I’ll go one step further and say, it’s...

When is a prescribed solution not the right answer?

17 Sep 2018 by Jason Linnell
Confusing instructions

The client briefing at their office had not felt right from the start. We had enjoyed working with this client for some time and had always thought we were in a partnership. However, today was different.  There...

Get personal or don’t bother

19 Mar 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Valued client stencil graphic

I recently got a ‘Dear Valued Client’ letter from a supplier offering me a discount for the next time I used their services. It’s a supplier we work with lots and have done for a long time. I suspect they’d be...


18 Dec 2017 by Mason Smith
Te Papa Bigger than Summer campaign

Te Papa asked us to put together a campaign to drive visitation during the summer period, focusing on the Wellington market, particularly families with kids. This summer, say 'Hi'...

Writing for Awareness

18 Dec 2017 by Laura Lock
Graphic of ink well with feather quill pen

Do you know what type of content our clients should be creating when they’re wanting to: Educate  customers about their new strategic direction for this year? What about  inspiring  their...

Can you resist?

03 Apr 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
Rabbit being coaxed with carrot

Over the weekend, I read a great book called  Hidden Persuasion  (Andrews, van Leeuwen & van Baaren). It’s a book about the persuasive techniques used by clever marketers to get us to buy or do...

Kermadecs programme results in success

29 Sep 2015 by Mike Tisdall
Kermadecs Symposium windows

Today, at the United Nations, John Key announced that the waters around the Kermadec Islands would become one of the largest ocean sanctuaries in the world. Just over 5 years ago we started working with PEW...

Insight judges the TVNZ Marketing Awards

18 Jun 2015 by Mike Tisdall
TVNZ Marketing Awards 2015 logo

CEO, Steven Giannoulis, has been selected as a judge of the prestigious TVNZ Marketing Awards for 2015. He says: "Entries have to describe the business strategy and objectives, the marketing strategy and all the...

Cross channel communication for Mighty River Power

16 Apr 2015 by Mike Tisdall
Mighty River Power stakeholder newsletter online

Hot off the press . . . this stakeholder newsletter for Mighty River Power was designed for screen and print from the get go. Seamless communication.    ...

Trending away from Trends

11 Mar 2015 by Brian Slade
NZ Super Fund website close up

A well designed future may be informed by trends but shouldn’t be slavish to them says Brian Slade.   At the start of each year, just as are getting back from that glorious summer break, there seems to be an...

IBBY Congress website goes live and gains instant plaudits

06 Mar 2015 by Mike Tisdall
IBBY Congress 2016 home page detail

In less than 24 hours, this is the feedback received on the new IBBY Congress website that went live yesterday morning. The following is mostly from NZ so far, but some of this is from countries like Switzerland,...

Pause all of life's chaos

19 Dec 2014 by Steven Giannoulis
Life is Hectic, Pause video

It’s the end of a very full on year for us and our clients, so we wanted to create something which championed the idea of temporarily pausing our hectic lives in order to truly appreciate life’s beauty. We...

Designed to work

19 Dec 2014 by Brian Slade
NZSO 2015 Season thumbnail

Design shouldn’t seek to be creative or effective. It should always strive to be both. Earlier this year we secured the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra as a client for the first time. The NZSO is well known for...

More Savii

29 Apr 2014 by Brian Slade
Savii brochure

Neat little project for an innovative crowd who run an employee benefit programme with a difference. Harnessing collective purchasing power Savii provide big savings on core household items allowing everyone to get...