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Taming the HiPPO

06 Nov 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Hippo emerging from water, eyeing camera

OK, so I’ve put on a bit of weight lately but I still took exception to the recent description of me as a Hippo. Turns out they were right – I have been throwing a bit too much weight around when it comes to...

Open up your communications

25 Sep 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Group of people texting

If we accept that the best communications are heard and understood, then it follows that as internal communication practitioners we should create opportunities for staff to be heard and to better understand what’s...

The ideas path

18 Sep 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Lighted pathway

I’ve always been an ideas guy. I feel comfortable looking at a problem or an opportunity and then generating lots of ideas about how to tackle it in a creative way. I’ll go one step further and say, it’s...

Tribe Behaviour

16 Jul 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Agile work methodology graphic

Spark has announced it's adopting an agile way of working across its business. I applaud them for so tangibly demonstrating their commitment to breaking down silos, improving speed to market, innovation and achieving...

Innovation All-sorts

09 Jul 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Innovation All-sorts

We’re on a mission to be more innovative in our work and that means pushing ourselves to think differently and go further with our ideas and our solutions. We’ve committed to building a team culture that fosters...

The strategy of design

21 Jun 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Jigsaw graphic showing creativity being inserted into a blank strategic jigsaw puzzle

We describe ourselves as a strategic-creative agency. This leads to the obvious question, what is it? You just design stuff, right? Strategic-creative is about how we go about making sure that the stuff we create is...

Feeling the work

19 Jun 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Insight Creative's Brian Slade at Te Papa's new Toy Gallery

    Yesterday Brian and I had our monthly one-to-one meeting while walking around the new Te Papa Art Gallery –  Toi Art.  We wanted to talk about how to raise our creativity to the next...

What clients can expect

19 Jun 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Unrealistic expectations

This week a client asked me for a service level agreement. We’ve produced a few of them over the years but for more technical processes such as website management. Given that managing expectations is key to good...

Learning in disruption

29 May 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Victoria University student recruitment poster 2018

As our first significant piece of work with Victoria University of Wellington – the undergraduate recruitment campaign for 2019 – hits the market, I have a chance to reflect on everything I’ve learnt about the...

Dem Kiwi styles

01 May 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Kiwiana graphic

I was recently asked to be part of a discussion on the Kiwi design aesthetic which got me thinking about the topic. So here are my views on what defines the Kiwi style. Given I’m not a trained designer or...

Human trends - not design fad

17 Apr 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Human Trends, not design fad

This article appeared in the Autum 2018 edition of Idealog magazine It might surprise you to know that, even though I run a design agency, I loathe the notion of latest design trends. In my view, they promote a...

SIT & Innovate

04 Apr 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Businesswoman studying charts and graphs on wall in office

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we innovate and how we help our clients do the same. In an industry where much of what we do has been commoditised, our most valuable skill is our ability to think creatively in...

Wider opening jaws: it’s what clients really want.

26 Mar 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Image depicting growing revenue and minimising costs

  A hang-up from my client-side days is that I expect my agency to be all about delivering on my goals. After all, business results – not big ideas and clever design - are what I’m paying for. Agency...

Both sides now

20 Mar 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Both sides now

The following article by Insight CEO, Steven Giannoulis, was published in the March 2018 issue of NZMarketing magazine. Client-agency partnerships are often love/hate relationships that leave both sides delighted...

Get personal or don’t bother

19 Mar 2018 by Steven Giannoulis
Valued client stencil graphic

I recently got a ‘Dear Valued Client’ letter from a supplier offering me a discount for the next time I used their services. It’s a supplier we work with lots and have done for a long time. I suspect they’d be...

The Real Client Treatment

06 Nov 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
Woman holding Closed sign

Talking to a (hopefully soon to be) client last week about growing staff advocacy for their client service experience, got me thinking about how well we apply our own service ethos to ourselves. This prospective...

Bitchin' about Pitching

03 Oct 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
The Pitch

New business pitches are a fact of life and I’d be concerned if we weren’t involved in them on a regular basis. All I ask is that clients play fair. Here’s some things that annoy me most about pitching. ...

The Masters of success

19 Sep 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
Business goal tensions

I’ve been CEO of Insight Creative for nearly three years now. It’s more than a job I love. It’s an all-consuming passion that drives me to want to do more and to do it better. I give it everything and it gives...

Awards. Who cares?

29 Aug 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
Best Awards and ARC Awards logos

  Having recently announced a whole string of national and international awards for our work, it’s strange to be sitting here wondering, who really cares? Obviously, we do. The question is, who else cares...

Digital Strategy – old magic, new tricks

19 Jun 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
Magician shuffling cards

I'm currently documenting my 'methodology' for creating sound digital strategy, and what strikes me is that there’s no ‘special digital strategy sauce’ that makes me more special, more current and more in the...

Designing client agencies

23 May 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
Designing client agencies

As a senior corporate marketer I worked with numerous design and advertising agencies before moving to the agency dark-side. I remember sitting through a number of creative pitches wondering “how will this...

The engagement game

19 Apr 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
The engagement game

We regularly work with clients on internal communications projects, helping them engage their staff, drive behaviour and performance, embed change and continuous improvement programmes and align their internal...

Can you resist?

03 Apr 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
Rabbit being coaxed with carrot

Over the weekend, I read a great book called  Hidden Persuasion  (Andrews, van Leeuwen & van Baaren). It’s a book about the persuasive techniques used by clever marketers to get us to buy or do...

That Like feeling

23 Mar 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
cartoon of clockwork men

  Lately I’ve been recruiting for a New Business person and I had an experience with one candidate that made me think about the importance of brand feelings. Yes, feelings. Brace yourself, I am going to talk...

Identity in White

20 Feb 2017 by Steven Giannoulis
Identity in white

Immigration and the so-called identity dilution that diversity apparently brings is a hot topic on local and global political agendas. As a brand strategist and a descendent of immigrants I naturally have a strong...

User journeys - more than a web thing

27 Oct 2015 by Steven Giannoulis
User journeys - more than a web thing

A great article by Steven Giannoulis in the November/December issue of Idealog. This one explores UX (User Experience), and tracks the notion beyond the website to its application to any customer experience in any,...

Getting Customers - by design

12 Oct 2015 by Steven Giannoulis
Desire graphic

The September/October issue of Idealog magazine features an article by our CEO, Steven Giannoulis. It canvasses the user journey from Awareness and onto the pathway towards a sale - and the important role that design...

Investment in design

26 Jun 2015 by Steven Giannoulis
Idealog article on design by Insight Creative, June 2015

Or more accurately, 'Design in investment'. Steven Giannoulis' latest article in Idealog magazine that hit subscribers today, canvasses the role that design plays in making complex information clear and understandable...

Design as a business enabler

20 Feb 2015 by Steven Giannoulis
Idealog article image cropped

The first of our six double page spreads in Idealog Magazine for the year has just hit the bookshelves. The theme of our articles is the role of design as a valuable business enabler and accelerator. Have a read of...

Pause all of life's chaos

19 Dec 2014 by Steven Giannoulis
Life is Hectic, Pause video

It’s the end of a very full on year for us and our clients, so we wanted to create something which championed the idea of temporarily pausing our hectic lives in order to truly appreciate life’s beauty. We...