We take our environmental responsibilities seriously/

Within the constraints of being a small business, Insight does what it can to recognise our responsibilities to our wider community. We are proud of our efforts to achieve and maintain carbon neutrality, and we do what we can to make life easier for those less fortunate.

Carbon neutral

We were one of the first major Australasian design consultancies to become carbon neutral. Having prepared a number of sustainability reports for our clients over the years, we felt we needed to play our part in creating a sustainable supply chain.


Contributing to the human need

Insight has a long-standing partnership with Stand for Children. We recently helped them re-brand from their previous ‘Children’s Health Camps’ moniker which no longer fully reflected the reach of their services. As well as providing our strategic and creative services pro-bono, our staff get involved in supporting the villages, particularly at Christmas time. We divert our Christmas Giving Programme to identifying needs of the frontline operations and sometimes individual families, as we did following the Christchurch earthquake.

We recently assisted with pride-building for a low socio-economic primary school, with new entrance signage to inspire.

And we donated our design services to Elim Christian College for a memorial climbing wall in the wake of Mangetepopo River tragedy that took the lives of six children and one teacher at an outdoor pursuits camp.

We support the New Zealand Drug Foundation with generously priced creative services. For more than 20 years, the Foundation has been at the forefront of major alcohol and other drug policy debates. During that time they have advocated strongly for policies and practices based on the best evidence available.


Championing the creative community

We straddle the commercial and artistic worlds and are passionate about both. We believe fervently that the Arts provide soul to society and that emotional connections that the Arts endow enable effective business communication. For these reasons, we have, in recent years, championed the work of some critical New Zealand contributors such as the Arts Foundation and the Auckland Philharmonia. Today, as a nation-wide design agency, our focus is on our new relationship with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, assisting with communication and marketing strategy, as well as design, for the 2015 season and beyond.