The Ripple Effect.

Client: Mercury.

The goal for the 2018 Annual Report was to tell Mercury’s brand story in a new, and more connected, way.

We’d previously talked about the brand positioning and used stories and examples as proof points. This time around, we put the focus firmly on the actions of Mercury’s customers, partners and staff. Each story connected to the core brand and to the ‘pillars’ that underpin their integrated reporting approach.

The design idea - the ripple effect - visualised how Mercury’s actions were inspiring others and how other’s actions were inspiring Mercury. Highlighted water ripples on the cover set the tone and become a design device to connect ideas and actions. The two documents – annual review and financial report – were connected using a concertina arrangement, directly linking actions in one document to results in the other.

Continuing the theme, readers were invited to also take action – sign-up as customers; donate to charity; get special deals and more.

The printed report was complemented by an on-line annual report microsite.

Feedback from shareholders and Mercury’s peers has been overwhelmingly positive, inspiring us, and the Mercury team, to push the brand story-telling even further next time.

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