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A global reach story
A global reach story

The 2017 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare annual report builds on the positioning established in previous years’ reports.

Those previous reports told their Care by Design brand story - a story of innovation, driven by the needs of patients and caregivers, that underpins everything the company does.

In this latest report, our challenge was to add deeper substance to the narrative by highlighting the size and breadth of the product range, and by examining the distributors, caregivers and patients the company works with. Our goal: to advance the recognition of a New Zealand company with a truly global reach, that is making a significant difference to healthcare all around the world.

The story - from one to millions and back again - unfolded over the opening spreads and was reinforced using a map, infographics and real-life case studies. A strategy diagram and icon system were added to bring the many elements together, providing context and unity to the breadth of activities.

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