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Experience the difference
Experience the difference

Argosy Property had been through an extensive journey in the three years before we worked on their website. We’d worked with them to change their name and visual identity, they’d changed their corporate structure and developed a new operating philosophy.

The website now needed to reflect where they’d got to on this journey and to lay the platform for a much more outward-facing approach going forward. We introduced a flexible web structure much more aligned with their various audience groups and a design that better reflected their brand. A number of features were designed to tailor the site to the needs of their users including in-built smarts that remembered users and presented options on the front page that were tailored to their likely needs. This much more personal user experience has seen their web numbers increase exponentially.

And a simple-to-use CMS approach encourages Argosy to keep updating the site with subscriptions, links and exclusive user areas driving audiences back to consume the new content.